It's a teacher-created web app that allows world language teachers to make and assign online games that supplement and reinforce their vocabulary and grammar lessons. Our multi-sensory matching, categorizing and sentence-building games turn the abstract into concrete and make language learning more meaningful and contextual.

Tactilingo can be used with most languages, levels or ages and works with any teaching style.

Tactilingo can be

used in the

following ways:

  • As a bell-ringer activity
  • To introduce, practice and review concepts
  • As independent study/centers
  • Partner/group work
  • Homework assignment


How to understand what they’re saying, how grammar functions in each sentence and how to pay attention to details and self-correct.
By using a multisensory approach that makes learning meaningful and contextual and by giving them control of their learning.
Comprehension, by practicing in a fun, stress-free environment; retention, by providing ways to review past material; and motivation, by adding gaming elements, feedback and accountability.
Communication by giving them time to process material which leads to greater success, confidence and fluency


Meets Standards
By teaching vocabulary and grammar in context, by favoring target language communication and by using differentiated instruction.
Saves Time
By only taking a few minutes to check homework, by reusing your games year after year and by wasting less class time on repeating and reviewing.
Saves Money
By only paying $39.99/year and by making and buying fewer supplementary materials.
Saves Your Sanity
By customizing games to suit your curriculum and by reaching more students you will then have more time to enjoy life.


*Click on the steps to expand them

Step 1: Make lists of words in Any Language Using Your Own Vocabulary Then Organize Them into Folders.

Step 2: Create Games Using One of the following Customizable Game Templates.

Step 3: Set A Due Date Then Assign Games to Individual Students or Classes.


Tactilingo appeals to a wide variety of learning styles. It is unlike any other language-learning tool available today. Thanks to Tactilingo, my students not only have a chance to practice at a basic level (i.e. learning new vocabulary), but they can also practice understanding the inner workings of the language, learn how sentences are formed, how words in a sentence are strung together,  what roles different types of words play and how they are pronounced, etc. With the help of pictograms, images, sounds, and words, Tactilingo helped my students achieve a deeper level of understanding of their second language.

Chris Anderson

Spanish High School Teacher

As a high school French teacher who loves to incorporate games and technology in the classroom, I would highly recommend Tactilingo to anyone interested in teaching a second language. There are a variety of engaging games (matching, categorizing and sentence structure) that allow learners to practice the language in a fun and hands-on way. I love the fact that students can practice new vocabulary words by matching pictures, seeing the words and listening to them all at the same time.

Carla Roche

High School French Teacher

Once you’ve simplified and gamified your vocabulary and grammar,

we’re sure that you’ll hop on the Tactilingo bandwagon.

Our low introductory price of $39.99/year will only be available till September 1st . It will then go up $79.99/year.

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