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Help keep Tactilingo running

My sole purpose these past four and a half years has been to develop a language teaching tool that would help alleviate some of your burdens as world language teachers. This love-project has been entirely self-funded and, for a short time, received subscriptions of $39.99/year to help cover some of my costs.

I now realize, however, that even that small amount is a stretch for many of your budgets. So, I’ve decided to make my app FREE! If Tactilingo proves to be a valuable addition to your teaching toolkit, and you wish to make a small contribution to help cover the costs of its development and maintenance, it will be most appreciated.

With warmest regards,

Monique Poirier
Tactilingo Inventor and Founder, French Teacher, Wife of Awesome Guy, Mom of 3 Amazing Boys, Beach Lover, World Traveler, God Blessed.

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