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What is a language teacher to do when they have a class of over 30 students at levels that are all over the map?  We know that if we could tailor our instruction to meet individual needs, students would not struggle as much and would be more motivated to learn. But in reality, how is one supposed to do that with limited time, resources, and energy, day after day for a whole school year? 

I also struggled with this concept of differentiated instruction during my 30+-year career as an FSL and ESL teacher.  This is one of the many reasons that I  developed Tactilingo. I wanted to engage and empower as many of my students as possible while facilitating my task 

Here are several ways that Tactilingo meets different student needs. 

Differentiated Content : 

  • Visual (images, pictograms, words), auditory, and oral input is provided.
  • Customized games meet the needs of struggling students as well as advanced language learners.

Differentiated Process : 

  • Our customizable games allow teachers to create tiered activities offering different levels of complexity.
  • Multiple ways of sharing games are provided. Teachers can email a game to one or more students or to the whole class.
  • Created games can then be used in ​various​ ways, such as interest centers, small group, paired activities, or as homework assignments.
  • Hands-on, active, social learning encourages students to fully engage with the material.
  • The length of time spent on a game is determined by the learner. Struggling students can practice a concept as many times as needed until they “get it”.  

Differentiated Products:

  • Student-created games can be ​added​ by teachers to the​ir  ​list​ of games ​then assigned to the entire class.

Differentiated Environment:

  • Tactilingo games can be done alone at home in a quiet setting free of distractions, in class in small groups, or as a whole class activity.
  • Materials that reflect various cultures are added by the teachers.
  • Immediate feedback to the learner is provided.
  • The Tactilingo system makes students individually accountable for their work. 

It is our sincerest hope that with Tactilingo, you will find it easier to differentiate your instruction and be rewarded with motivated, engaged students, no matter your class size.

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