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I don’t know about you, but my students have always dreaded choosing the correct little French words to use in their sentences, such as à, de, en, dans, etc. Who can blame them! There are just so many of them, and one word can have so many meanings.

Yes, you can give them lists, and paragraph after paragraph of explanations, but who wants to read all that stuff and have to remember it? They don’t, but they do remember pictures. This is why I developed Flashtiles. 

What are Flashtiles? They’re kind of like flashcards but on steroids. At Tactilingo, I’m attempting to not only attach a visual representation to EVERY SINGLE WORD in a sentence but also to add additional visual cues to those pesky little words to help students differentiate between their various meanings.

A perfect example of this would be prepositions that go in front of geographical places. The rules are so confusing and hard to remember, even for native speakers. I realized that this week while creating preposition Flashtiles for Tactilingo games for some Canadian military students. I also realized that a handout with all the Flashtiles in one place would serve as a perfect comprehensive primer on the subject.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce Part 1 in the series of Pesky little French Words (there will be more on other topics later on) – Geographical Places and Prepositions.


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