Bonjour. My name is Monique Poirier. I’m the creator and founder of Tactilingo, the language-teaching tool that engages students through simple online games.

The concept behind Tactilingo represents the culmination of my 32-year career as an ESL and FSL teacher. During those years, I strove to find tools and material that would make grammar appealing to my students and render the abstract more concrete. I really wanted ALL my students to “get” grammar, all while enjoying the process.

Despite my efforts, students inevitably found some parts of language learning tedious and difficult. How often would I hear, “Madame, it’s hard enough memorizing tons of words and grammar rules but trying to put them all together to make sentences is way too confusing!”

So, I did what many teachers long to do, if only they had time.… I brought together all the elements that have had some degree of success with students and created a multisensory approach to language teaching that turns passive learning into active learning.

Tactilingo still has some growing to do and it needs a community of foreign language teachers as it moves forward with future developments.

We would love to have you try Tactilingo and to provide your feedback on either the Tactilingo Community Facebook page or by going to the Contact Us on the Tactilingo web app page. Your input will serve to make language learning easier and more engaging for all language students and to make your jobs, as language teachers, simpler in the process.

It is our hope, that together, we can make Tactilingo the best digital language teaching tool out there.

Warmest regards,

Monique Poirier

Tactilingo Inventor and Founder, French Teacher,

Wife of Awesome Guy, Mom of 3 Amazing Boys, Beach Lover, World Traveler, God Blessed.

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